The Pilgrimage to Michiru Shrine

This is one of such events whose memories bear an indelible mark in the minds of many. Sitting in the pose are students and lecturers from DMI-St John the Baptist University, Mangochi campus, Malawi. It was on the 21st of March 2014, that the executive of Catholic Students Organization of the above named institution organized…

Keeping the city clean starts with keeping your home clean

Sustainable operations bring about sustainable environment. Such operations can be domestic or industrial.Applying the "concept of the saying; 'charity begins at home'" we definitely see the necessity of starting with our homes first, in the fight against unsustainable environmental undertakings. As patriots bearing screen boards consisting different messages discouraging fellow countrymen from littering in our…

Economic Evolution in Literal Understanding

As Charles Dawin explains in his evolution theory a prey develops some survival techniques with the pass of time.In this context consider the prey as economy and the predator depression, the more depression hits economy the faster economy develops survival techniques.The fight rages on till when depression becomes harmless. The process or period taken to…

The Limits of Memory

Love in the Spaces


You have insufficient memory.

Deadpan.  As if no irony were involved, my computer informed me it had aborted the task of uploading digital pictures.

I don’t ask that much of my computer, but there you have it.

I had amassed more than 1300 photos on my wee camera.  Too many pictures, with nowhere to go.

At first my rapidly antiquating computer flashed a sign that I was low on memory.  Then, having failed to get a reaction from me, it balked like a testy toddler and shut itself down, refusing to even consider loading another picture until I cleared space on my hard drive.

The only way to do this was, at long last, to go through the archives and dispense with the over and under-lit shots, the closed eyes, the needless near-identical extras.  The pictures that simply were not special enough to occupy space in my memory.


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By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'llbecome a philosopher.

Viper opb4

Its been long since I fed your hungry ears with a little something here is what I have brought for...

Viper opb4: A look at the pythagoras theorem

The quadratic formula expresses the solution of the degree two equation  in terms of its coefficients, . Algebra (from Arabic al-jebr meaning "reunion of broken parts"[1]) is one of the broad parts of mathematics, together with number theory, geometry and analysis. Algebra arose from the idea that one can perform operations Tof arithmetic with non-numerical…

Viper opb4: Chill

This column has been established to address issues involving the youth around the world. We will actually be having debates, quizzes, and other brain games meant for both entertaining as well as educating the youth. If you encounter problems or you have doubts or even maybe you have something to be published or shared then…